Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here is the Shortlist from our Second Competition...

All of these authors will be offered publication into 
'Contemporary Fables Volume Two'.
Well Done to Everyone!!
The King’s Son by Thomas Haley, ACT
The Scent of Chocolate by Jody Horowitz, Vic
The Small Goose by Sue Parritt, Vic
The Swagman’s Desires by Barbara Fraser, SA
The Princess and the Fool by Jonathan Cook, Vic
Isle of Man by Kathy Riley, NSW
Why Celine? by Maggie Veness, NSW
King Frog’s Folly by Phillip English, WA
The Curse on Her Back by Lynette Williams, Vic
The Coffee that did not want Anyone to Drink It by Elizabeth Burns, NSW
Jurassic Years Ago there were Three Little Birds by Peter Gilchrist, SA
Love’s a Bitch by Jody Horowitz, Vic
Top Shelf Produce by Thuy Linh Nguyen, Vic
The Nest Egg by Lesley Truffle, Vic
Dinosaur by David Greagg, Vic
Gillly’s Treasures by Julie Murphy, Vic
Ephemera by Karen Berger, Vic
The blue horse by Julie Egan, Vic
To Please the Gods by Rick Burchall, Vic
The Eagle and the Flea by Ralph Lante, NT
The Gardener and the Ring by Penelope Cottier, ACT
The Pond by Marie Watt, Vic
Buffalo Thinking by John Hale, Tas
Two in the Bush by Diana Harley, NSW
The Chimney and the Peppercorn Tree by Frances Dudley, SA
To Die a Lion by Henry Wynter, NSW
The mePhone by Boris Glikman, Vic
The Birds and the Brush Turkey by Henry Wynter, NSW
Snow White’s Prince by Rachel Freebury, WA

Congratulations to our Winners!!!

The Day the Cars Ran Over all the People (first prize) by James Whyte, NSW
The Mother and the Happy Ending (second prize) by Brett Ludeman, Vic
The Circular Boooks of the Great Library of Om (third prize) by Jonathan Cook, Vic

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition Awards Party and Book Launch

Our Book Launch for Comp I and the Awards Party 
for Comp II is on 
Sunday June 13 (this Sunday!!)
We would love to see you down there celebrating with us and showing your support to 
establish a regular worldwide literary competition with it’s base in St Kilda!!!
Oysters, paella, readings & wine…
12noon-3pm @ Claypots St Kilda, 213 Barkly St, 
St Kilda.
No booking or invite needed- just come on down!