Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fable Competition III is here!

Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition III is now open for entries... if you haven't been able to enter the comps in the past, make sure you try to this time, it's our last fable comp for a long time!!
500 word limit 
First, second and third prize.. all $500!
Deadline 5pm Friday October 8, 2010. 
Announcement party Saturday October 30 12noon to 3pm at Claypots, St Kilda. For terms, entry forms and further details, contact


  1. Got some more details? Who is it open to? What is the theme, etc? Is it to write your own fable?

  2. if we win do we have to attend the awards ceremony?

  3. Yes, there are further details- you just need to email us at and we will send you everything. But its open to all and yes, it needs to be your own fable that is entered.

    You do not have to attend the awards party but we encourage all Melbournians to- it's a great day and contributes to the whole thing. It's also great to meet all the entrants!